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From Host to Host on another Coast

During a transcontinental road trip, I recently stayed at an Airbnb in Northern LA, just up the hills from Malibu... Calabasas to be more specific.

The biggest thing that hit me was that she said we can't connect with the spiritual realm when our own self is going through constant ups and downs. As she stands in front of me in the Kitchen nearly doing the louo (Hawaiian dance) with her arms as if to emphasize how life can really sometimes knock us off balance and we find ourselves disconnecting with our inner spiritual body.

I had just finished sharing with her the purpose of my trip to her home, sharing that I was meeting with all the friends that Denis gave to me in his short life among us. I am forever blessed for the gifts of friends he gave me.

She was right... She didn't have to say it but I could feel inside me that I had been disconnected from the heavens and those who may no longer have their flesh among us but who watches over us in a different and more powerful way.

How Denis moves in my life now is greater than when we were among us. I praise God for welcoming Denis with such open arms and allowing him to continue his work here among us connecting with me, his family, and the thousands of friends he made here on this Earth.

She wasn't a religious person she mentioned, although Vito Della Corte (Coach Surfing guest from 2019 and my travel partner for this trip) referenced her home being a "Mosque" with more restrictions than COVID-19". It hosted a great location in the hills in statistically the richest community in America after just surpassing Beverly Hills by $4,000/average household income.

Megan and I shared only a few interchanges in the short two nights that Vito and I stayed at her shared Airbnb but the ones that I did have with her were more pleasant than the review she left for us. Vito is a fitness coach so let's just say his arms of strength were no match for her "no slamming doors rule" which the issue could have been QUICKLY & CHEAPLY resolved with some insulating door slips but she would rather have the control that was instilled to her by her military father.

She grew up very strict and learned to stand at attention when her father came home. By 5:00 p.m. it was quiet. We talked at length about how our childhood's caused significant impacts on our character and how we acted around each other.

The time that Vito and I shared here did feel hushed, parented, and restricted, however, the single heartfelt and caring conversation that I got to experience with Megan and witnessing how everyone in her neighborhood of the complex admired her stature and her presence in the condominiums, did shine bright.

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