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The Unforgettable Journey: Learning the Hard Way

Why a Quality Travel Suitcase Matters In spring of 2017, the allure of budget shopping led me to a seemingly exciting find on Amazon: a set of three suitcases (small, medium, and large). I grabbed this deal, driven by the excitement of my upcoming journey to Asia. Little did I know, this choice would teach me an invaluable lesson about the importance of quality over quantity.

I packed the small suitcase and set off on an adventure that initially began as an opportunity to teach English in China, facilitated by a program at Detroit Mercy - my proud alma mater. But due to some novice miscalculations, my return flight to America was booked three weeks later than required. But hey, who complains about extra time on an adventure?

Seizing the moment, I feverishly booked additional flights across Asia. From the pristine beaches of the Philippines, the multicultural vibrancy of Malaysia, to the exotic aura of Thailand (ah, and who can forget the incident with my lost wallet? If you're out of the loop, check out my previous blog post!). Then, as Japan beckoned, disaster struck.

I remember the exact moment at Narita Airport when I retrieved my checked luggage. To my dismay, one of the inside legs near the handle had broken off! Panic set in; I still had South Korea and Hong Kong to explore. With each city and airport, I lugged around the broken suitcase, its impaired wheel serving as a constant reminder of my hasty shopping choice.

What made things trickier? My heavy 52L hiking backpack. Looking back, I realize I should've packed lighter. On my meticulously planned itineraries, I even allocated time for laundry, so why did I need all those extra outfits? Truth be told, on most trips, I barely wear half of what I pack!

This journey taught me more than just the importance of packing light. It highlighted the significance of quality, especially in travel essentials. Since that enlightening trip, I've dreamt of designing a suitcase that embodies durability, style, and functionality.

Fast forward to today, I am thrilled to introduce the Just Venture Weekender Suitcase | Explorer Series. The crown jewel of this suitcase is the mesmerizing "Oh Amalfi Mia" photo, a cherished memory from our trip with Vito Della Corte in July 2022. This isn't just a suitcase; it's an emblem of countless lessons, unforgettable memories, and the passion to travel right.

Ready to embark on a hassle-free journey? Purchase this exclusive piece at

Happy travels! 🌍✈️

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